Treat Your Plants with Foliglo and Watch Your Sales Blossom.

Foliglo is an award-winning emulsion plant shine. It is designed to clean plants for a healthy shine and destroy microscopic bugs that damage plants – all without using harsh chemicals!

Odorless, non-sticky and doesn’t clog pores

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Hides calcium and hard water deposits

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Keeps plants clean from insects and dirt

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Foliglo can be applied through a pressure sprayer or trigger sprayer.

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About Knoll BioProducts, Inc.

Knoll BioProducts was founded by Dr. Andre Knoll who developed Foliglo in Holland for large scale growers and nurseries. He identified the need for a natural, non-chemical spray that cleans plants for a healthy shine and destroys microscopic bugs that damage plants. Dr. Knoll grew up in Holland and received his PHD at Cornell University.

Shiny Leaves = Brighter Sales

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